The JCA Chinese School was established in the public library in 2003 with the aim to provide a superb learning environment in Chinese language and culture for the next generation of ethnic Chinese families and non-Chinese community members in the Jacksonville area. The school offers lessons for Chinese language (Mandarin, simplified). We currently have seven classes with students from a range of ethnic groups, including those of Chinese, Indian, Caucasian, Hispanic and Vietnamese descent. Our kids´ ages range from 5 to 15 or from kindergarteners to high school juniors. We are fortunate enough to have experienced, loving, patient, motivated teachers who are committed to the challenging weekend job.

Thanks to UNF Coggin College of Business as our sponsor, we have great classrooms with state of the art facilities. The school locates at
Building 42, Coggin College of Business, University of North Florida, 1 UNF Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32224

There are 15 meets of classes in each semester, with the fall semester going from August to December and the spring from January to May. The current class meeting times are from 2 to 4 pm, Sunday afternoons. JCA Chinese School also offers two extra-curriculum courses after language lessons: Kids drawing class and Kids violin class. Adult singing class and Youth math class have been offered since spring 2010.

In fall 2009, JCA Chinese School Parents Club is officially founded with the mission to provide a platform for social contact and camaraderie among parents and a natural way to stay involved with kids¡¯ activities in Chinese school.
Parents Club features a series of excellent lecturers from experts of different walks of lives with wide spectrum of topics, which aims to fulfill parents’ waiting time while kids are learning Chinese.

As part of the Jacksonville Chinese Association (JCA), the School´s ultimate goals are the same as those of the JCA. While Chinese Language lessons (from book 1 to book 8) are offered at the school, all students are also actively involved in all JCA activities, such as Chinese New Year Celebrations, World of Nations, etc.

The JCA Chinese School strongly believes that the school can contribute significantly to the cultural diversity in the Jacksonville by implementing its mission through the effort of all volunteers and community sponsors.

Mission and Vision: The JCA Chinese School is committed to provide each child with a nurturing and inspiring Chinese educational program in addition to striving for cultural exchanges between the Chinese community and other ethnic groups.

Value: The JCA Chinese School board, teachers and students work together in a learning community characterized by civility, mutual respect and harmony. Specifically, we value the following:

1.Teacher-student interaction of highest quality;

2. promoting language not only for the sake of language itself, but also for profound and elegant Chinese culture;

3.instead of just receiving information, it becomes transformational learning in that it results in a positive shift in the way people think and view China.